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Since their inception in 2015, Asi Fui (Long Beach, CA) has brought their lush, sonic, beat-driven textures to many ears across Southern California. Atmospheric arrangements suspend singer/bassist Tatiana Velazquez’s soulful voice while listeners ponder her hard earned lyrics. Drummer Ryan Reiff’s stylistic range creates a canvas using intricate psych and Afro-influenced beats. Guitarists Miguel Vasquez and Vince Mazza authentically weave elements of sonic gold to compliment. 


Velazquez’s grandmother used to write on photos of her youth signing “asi fui” with what she was doing the moment the photo was taken. It translates to “this is how I was/went” in spanish. The name has become a statement of how the group rides the wave of any given moment and the songs becoming a captured timestamp.


Asi Fui has released two EP’s, “Live: Fernet Session” and “Gold”, a full length album “Parallelogram,”  plus, music videos conceptualized and co-directed by the front woman, available on all streaming platforms.

They have just dropped "Hearts, Beating Faster," “Filth,” "What's the Best That Can Happen?", and most recently the 4th of 6 singles titled "Breakfast in a Vortex".

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Photo by Casey Lewis @ceethreedom

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